Hi, I’m Shari!

Hi, I’m Shari!

Copywriter. Entrepreneur. Unicorn.

Once upon a time (well, for quite a long time actually) I was a high school English teacher. Now, I’m not. I’m a professional writer who’s here and ready to help business owners grow by writing words to create connection and conversion – copy which builds a relationship between a business and the people who should be using its services and buying its products.

Since walking away from years in the education system, I’ve undertaken marketing training which when combined with all that experience teaching language, understanding how it creates meaning and being able to manipulate it for a range of audiences gives me quite a unique skillset. Copywriting has always been in my blood and Allsorts is where I feel at home.

I know that running a business can be challenging (I’ve also owned e-commerce and retail businesses too, so I get it!), and words may not be your thing. They’re my thing though and I’d love to make your life easier. What do I do best? I help time-poor business owners with sales messaging and content that takes their brand to the world.

But why pick me? What makes me different…. Unusual…. Noice?* (*Kath and Kim reference, every episode, ever!)

Well, I’m quick-witted and funny (just ask me) and I’ve got a sharp mind for business strategy and stories. In fact, I’ve been quite the storyteller for as long as I can remember. Run that by my parents, and they’ll certainly roll their eyes and confirm this.

I’m experienced in using words for both business and leisure – many say I’ve a knack and have been told “OMG. You have a gift!!! I feel like English is my second language when I read what you do to what I write!” … but truth be told while writing is second nature to me, I understand it’s something many business owners put off for ever and a day. No need for that now, I’m here for it!

Intent on tracking me down? Here’s a clue: I live in sunny South East Queensland with my partner and teen daughter; one adult son lives close by, and the other has moved to Europe. I miss him. I have one dog, one cat and more than my share of wilting houseplants.

So wanna be friends? How ’bout we keep in touch by you joining my (currently irregular – ooops!) newsletter below?

A Bit Quirky, Always Original

The story behind the person behind your copy might just be your best marketing weapon. Let me explain what I mean…

See, your business operates in a crowded place… everyone vying for attention amongst the noise. Lots of noise. Soooo much noisy noise!

To stand out and be noticed, you need to be different. Real. Authentic. Ultimately, you need to show up as YOU.

And that’s actually one of my super powers – telling your story in a unique way to connect your business to its people. The same old, same old marketing strategies don’t cut it with today’s consumers. So, how about you and I do things differently?

I’m a bit quirky (no shame) and my life experiences make me the writer I am. You’ll get professional but never boring, and if you don’t enjoy banter and a laugh, we may not be a good fit. Sorry (not very sorry). It could also be true that my sense of humour has got me into strife on the odd occasion, but also has saved my bacon at other times!

Get in touch and let’s see if we click!

5 Fun Facts About Your Copywriter

  1. I’m not precious and I don’t take myself too seriously. I’m professional, but not boring. If you don’t enjoy a bit of banter I may not be for you.
  2. I have an “anything is possible” attitude until something is proven to be impossible. Even then I’ll probably be squirrelling away looking for a workaround!
  3. Introvert or extrovert? A bit of both really! I’m an extroverted introvert and this puzzles people. If I even come to your party, I’ll probably slip away to talk with the cat. It’s just how I roll.
  4. People intrigue me and I’m obsessed with people-watching (but not in a pervy creep way, I promise!) Human behaviour and psychology are sooooo cool to study!
  5. I don’t march to anyone’s drum. Yes, I know why rules exist and appreciate the logic and order behind them…. BUT it’s in my nature to rebel and challenge the norm. I’m a born disruptor. Game on!
  • Done for you services

    Done for you services

    This is your hands-off, leave it to me option. I’ll pull the information I need from you out of your brain, do my research and then get head-down bum up creating what you need. Whether it’s website content, sales messages, marketing material, blog posts or a lead magnet, you keep doing you things, while I handle the heavy lifting.

    done for you…
  • Templates & Courses

    Templates & Courses

    You’ve got yourself pretty much sorted, know what you want to say but just need some direction and guidance with how to structure and format your words. Here you’ll find a growing collection of templates, frameworks and short courses to pick up and run with. Add your knowledge and a bit of elbow grease to my resources and watch doors open!

    learn how…
  • side-by-side...


    Want a bespoke service? You + me together, side-by-side for a chunk of time. We’ll brainstorm ideas, plan content and get things moving. Available online or in person for Sunshine Coast peeps. I’m ready when you are!

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