Generative ai transparency statement

You have a right to a real writer. Let me explain what I mean by that. But first, a short stroll down memory lane…

I’m proud to be a child of the 80s (…to answer you, yes, I was THE stereotype: sporting legwarmers, a spiral perm and listening to Duran Duran and Culture Club on my Sony Walkman!), and I can easily cast my mind back to those days.

Most families had a single household phone. It was usually located in the kitchen or lounge room, connected through a wall socket and the handset was tied to the base via a curly cord that always got tangled.

Entertainment was the television, and in Queensland’s capital city where I grew up, there were only 4 free-to-air stations until SBS launched to make 5. Foxtel, Netflix and other streaming services were yet to be dreamt of, but Blockbuster did have movies we could hire, on VHS, of course.

Buses, trains and taxis took us from place to place because there was no Uber.

And wanting to eat a takeaway meal at home meant driving to collect it, as there was no Door Dashing back then.

Look, if you’ve read this far and wonder what on Earth my ramble has to do with copywriting and content creation, it’s quite simple, really. Times have changed.

Technology has delivered us convenience and  tools that were considered unheard of not too long ago. It’s an amazing time to be alive if you stop for a minute to reflect.

But, how about I now cut to the chase..

Generative AI – The Elephant in The Room

ChatGPT and other similar Generative AI writing tools have changed how content can be – and is – created. (Art too, if you enjoyed the AI-generated image at the top of the page, created using Adobe Firefly.)

It’s quite like the advent of the computer and word-processing software, which kissed the typewriter goodbye. Mind you, the typewriter itself spelt the end of handwritten manuscripts… and I’m sure you realise the list of predecessors could go on.

At the time of writing this content, September 2023, AI is here and staying.

And like we’d expect chippies building a home today will make use of a nail gun instead of laboriously nailing each wall stud by hand… it should be expected writers will embrace the developing technology and make use of available tools.

But this is where things can become complex.

You see, AI can write. Surprisingly well, actually. However, as amazing as the varied AI programs are, there are things they are not yet capable of

  • emotion
  • humour
  • empathy
  • discernment
  • creativity
  • thought leadership

The above list is why I have no concerns about AI making human writers redundant.

The Ethical Use of AI

Writers can ethically use AI by embracing its potential, being transparent and maintaining creative control.

To that end, I have decided Allsorts Copywriting should have an AI Transparency Statement, and here it is…

During the preparation of work, Allsorts Copywriting may sometimes use generative AI tools and AI-assisted technologies such as ChatGPT and Grammarly to augment the writing process and proofreading.

After using any tool/service, Allsorts Copywriting guarantees the content has been thoroughly reviewed and edited as required and assumes complete responsibility for the delivered work.

Allsorts is 100% committed to ensuring no material is released without human touch and firmly believes in the creativity, empathy and thought leadership that only human content can convey.

So what does this mean?

Simply put, the nerdy word lover I am is fascinated by the developing capacity of this technology to transform how society communicates via the written word.

Rather than shying away from it or pooh-bahing it, I am embracing it… BUT it is not replacing me.

My value as a writer and content creator has always been much more than the words delivered in a document.

The imagination, perspective, and unique thought processes that go into what I produce are special and can not be machine-generated.

Through lots of life experience, I’ve learned what’s best to say to whom and when. And even what should be left unsaid, which is generally more impactful.

The knowledge and skills developed in my decades-long background as a Senior English teacher give me expertise in idea development, logical sequencing and how to write for varying audiences, again, not something a computer is able to do.

And so, while adopting emerging technologies might allow me to streamline some writing processes, clients who engage my services to provide them with a completed product have my full guarantee that every project I deliver has had my very human hands all over it.

PS. Ironically, this AI Transparency Statement is all my own words! Go figure! 😂 And if you’d like to chat further about the use of generative AI in marketing, just get in touch, it’s a fascinating topic!