Writing services

Writing services


Here’s the scoop – your time is gold. A rare and precious commodity. 

So how much of it are you wasting by sitting and staring at a blank screen, hoping against all hope that the words you need to connect with your target audience will fall from the sky and move your fingers on the keyboard? 

And if I was a gambling girl I’d be betting writing content is one of your least favourite things about running a business. 

Thankfully doing it yourself isn’t the only option. Engaging me as your professional writer brings double-whammy benefits: you buy back some of your precious time AND your business gets to shine with content I write that shows you off as the legend you are. 

Time-poor and want to drop copywriting from your long to-do list? Read on to see what I’m offering.

Some of the writing I do

Blogs & Articles

Google LOVES fresh, meaty content that answers the questions people are surfing the net asking about. Writing it in an SEO friendly way – with a sprinkling (not stuffing) of keywords – will help people discover that you are available to meet their needs. Simply, you show Google regular fresh content that addresses search needs…. and Google is more likely to show your website to audiences looking for what you offer.


So, they’ve signed up for your email list… and then what?
Tumbleweeds?! Like the typical scene from a B-Grade Western when the hero swaggers into a saloon and there’s barely any vibe in the joint. Cringe. Don’t be like that. Be the better kind of hero in your business: one who communicates regularly, shares super value and keeps prospects in the loop. I’ll prepare the newsletters… so your saloon can swing into busy.

Website Content

What taste does your site leave in the mouth of a first-time visitor? Does it…
A) capture their attention and command them to read more
B) put them to sleep… or
C) leave them puzzled about what you offer and how you help.
(um note: answers B and C are not good) Let me write you a website that leaves visitors knowing you, liking you, trusting you AND lining up to do business with you.

Email Writing

Something you need to shout out about? Maybe you’re launching a new product or service? There can be an email sequence for that… and I’ll write it ready to be plugged straight into your mailing service. Sounds good?
Happy days!

Socials Content

The need for a regular presence on social media is a given these days. And while the major platforms are dragging businesses towards their ‘pay to play’ model and targeted advertising, you still should be populating your business’ social media feed with regular freely posted content that serves to inform, engage, connect and also promote.
PS… yes, your new kitten is super cute…. but there’s really got to be more and I can help.

LinkedIn Profiles

LinkedIn is the social media network for people like you (and your prospects!) wanting to expand their network and grow their business. Your profile is your first opportunity to be seen and noticed so how about we sweeten it up and make you shine?

what can copywriting in australia cost?

Ouch, the elephant in the room: p-r-i-c-i-n-g! Not simple, never straightforward and, as is the case in many creative industries, be prepared for quotes to vary wildly! I’ve always maintained that Allsorts won’t be your cheapest option, and nor will it be the most expensive. As seen in the table below, my services are priced somewhere in the middle and I believe represent excellent value for investment.

Many factors can influence the cost of writing services: the complexity and technical difficulty of the topic, the time frame required for project delivery and the writer’s availability, experience and specialisation. Importantly though, the value of writing is more than just time spent tapping at the keyboard. Involved is lots (and lots!) of thinking, researching, planning, structuring and revising; all skills in themselves.

Copywriters tend to price their services either by the word, by the hour, by the project or by retainer so when weighing up quotes be sure to compare apples with apples, and not with oranges.

Allsorts Copywriting charges per project and supports pricing transparency. My pricing below is “ballpark (hence ~)” and subject to adjustment per project scope.

Type of Project*Australian
Price Range
Allsorts Copywriting*Competitor Website #1*Competitor
Website #2
Blog Post 500 – 700 words$150 – $1000~$275$895$450
Blog Post 1200 – 1500 words$500 – $1500~$525$1645$1100
Web Copy 1 pg$100 – $500~$295unavailable$350
Web Copy 3 pgs$300 – $1500~$945unavailable$1000
Web Copy 5 pgs$700 – $3000~$1650$5497$1600
Sales Landing Page$600 – $3000~$895from $1995na
LinkedIn Profile$300 – $9000~$495$1595na
Lead Magnet and eBook writingFrom $500from $995from $2995na
Email Newsletter$150 – $800~$395$395$800
Real Estate Listing$100 – $400~$275nana
Video Script 2 mins$400 – $2000~$325nana
Day Rate retainer$700 – $1200~$995nana
*Australian price range is based on the 2023 guidelines published by the industry-leading sources (Clever Copy School and Copy School) and further research. Competitor pricing is based on their website-published prices and is correct at the time of writing. Competitor websites will not be named. FOR AU RESIDENTS, PRICES ABOVE+GST


My clients like me — they really do like me! Awww blush!
  • Shari at Allsorts Copywriting was engaged with building us an e-book for a lead magnet, video sales letter and 8 step email nurture sequence. Shari took the time to understand our business and strategy, and as a result, a first-class outcome was provided that has helped us convert much more business than we expected. I can confidently recommend Allsorts Copywriting for high quality, and considered lead generation copywriting.

    Michael Hatcher

  • We have had the pleasure of working with Shari over the past few months for our blog content, and her service has been incredible. She can work magic with words, fun to work with and an all-round lovely lady. Would recommend her to anyone who needs help writing content 😊🙌

    Brightaire Property Services

  • Shari really knows how to help you craft your message and identify your voice. She has provided invaluable services for the copy for my business. On top of that, she’s fun to work with!

    Carrie Hatchett

  • If you’re looking for a copywriter who can help you capture your vision and communicate it effectively to your audience, Shari is definitely the person to call!

    Maria Fisher

  • Shari uses all the right words to connect me with my ideal client. Engaging Shari has been one of my best business decisions.
    She is funny and creative, and brings her special style to her writing. Highly recommend Shari and Allsorts Copywriting.

    Peta Apps

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the copywriting process work?

Firstly we’ll have a good chat so I’m sure that can help with your project. If it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to help, I can usually recommend some trusted colleagues. If we go ahead, awesome – time to seal the deal with an industry-standard 50% deposit.

The next step is to take a deeper dive into your business and the objectives for the work. This will become the brief I follow to research, plan, prepare, edit and revise the content. Once you’re happy with the final version, you pay the balance, the work is yours to keep forever and ever, and then hopefully we keep working on projects happily ever after.

Can you tailor your writing to match my brand’s voice and tone?

Ooooh yeah, this is another one of my superpowers. I’ll get to know your brand’s personality and ensure the content reflects it perfectly.

True story, as this feedback emailed to me by a client shows: “Wonderful newsletter.  I think you write out of my head! Is that possible. It is exactly the points I want to make but in a wonderful way. Thank you!!

What types of copywriting do you specialise in?

All sorts, really (ha, see what I did there?)

Seriously though, my skills are adaptable and I’ve written everything from product descriptions through to direct mailings. I can cover a range of styles to help your message stand out.

What about revisions if the first draft isn’t bang on?

Honestly, first drafts are just that. Drafting and then seeking your feedback is a critical part of my writing process. It’s then I can get confirmation I’m on track and finetune from there, or make the adjustments needed to get it right.

Some copywriters offer two rounds of revisions only… not me. The job’s done only when you’re satisfied.

What’s the turnaround time for a project?

About as long as a piece of string. Honestly, it does vary by project size but I always aim to give accurate estimations of timeframes.

Several regular clients have secured my services on an ongoing monthly basis for their content, which means I can’t always squeeze in rush jobs. I’ll aways do what I can to help when possible.

Let’s Get Started!

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