Monetise your Knowledge

Monetise your Knowledge


Your brain is home to a massive amount of experience and within that is a treasure trove of untapped intellectual property (IP). This expert information you have living upstairs in your head could potentially catapult your business into new markets, get you in front of wider audiences and deliver you additional income streams. But, moving from the one-to-one service model to a scalable, digital offering probably feels like an unmapped expedition through the jungle.

Am I right?

Don’t panic, that’s where I step as your guide with a compass.

If you’ve got the traditional business model downpat then it’s more than likely your success represents years of expertise, implementation and a network of many meaningful relationships you’ve built with colleagues, clients and the community.

But now digital is here, and it’s a bit different. The online business model opens the door to new possibilities, and they’re calling your name. This is your nudge to now evolve. Opportunity has never been riper, so how about expanding your reach beyond the familiar audience of local clients and embracing a one-to-many model to make a bigger impact?

I’m here with you and can guide you from the imaginable to the viable. With 30+ years under my belt as a Senior English teacher and more recently success as a professional freelance copywriter I know how to organise ideas, and craft engaging content. My approach blends this educational expertise with practical marketing strategies to focus on what truly works, so you end up with content products made from your IP that engage, perform and profit.

It’s time to get you earning more from what you know. Drop me a line now so we can turn your business vision into a digital reality that delivers.

You’ve a goldmine of expertise, why not make it profitable?

Doesn’t it make sense to turn your years of experience into dollars in the bank? I’ll help develop your intellectual property into marketable products that not only reflect your expertise but also introduce you to new markets and additional streams of income. From educational materials to digital courses, we can create a suite of offerings that take you from one-on-one to a more profitable one-to-many model.

  • VIP Brainstorming Sessions

    VIP Brainstorming Sessions

    This is a bespoke service. You + me working together, side-by-side for blocks of time to start bringing your IP and experience to life. Getting it all sorted and ready to turn into a profitable product. Ready to dive in? Let’s get those ideas out of your head!

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  • Done for you words & products

    Done for you words & products

    This is more of a hands-off option. Together we’ll brainstorm your vision, tease out the framework and I’ll get head-down, bum-up creating the product for you. Experience the ease of seeing your vision come to life… while I do the doing.

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  • Learn how And DIY-it

    Learn how And DIY-it

    An option for those with ideas sorted but who just need a little direction and guidance with the structure and format. Templates, frameworks and short courses for you to pick up and run with. Add your elbow grease to my resources and watch magic happen!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

I specialise in taking big, glorious ideas and transforming them into profitable realities. I promise I can make scaling your business feel like an adventure. With my unique blend of creativity and strategy, I’ll bring clarity, direction, and tangible results to your business. I’ll also make sure the the way forward is straighforward with my out-of-the-box vision underpinned by strategic action steps.

Can you handle the technical setup for my business?

I’ll absolutely assist with this aspect if needed. I’m not only about the big picture, but as a closet geek I also enjoy diving into the technical nitty gritty. I can help plan a digital infrastructure that’s robust, user-friendly, and scalable, laying a solid foundation for your business to grow smoothly and efficiently. If there’s something I’m unable to do, I’ve a trusted network of professionals we can turn to.

Who is the ideal client for your services?

I’m on the lookout for forward-thinkers and innovators itching to turn their expertise into actionable and profitable strategies. If (a) you’re in business, looking to expand your offerings and reach new audiences, (b) you value clear communication, creative problem-solving, and (c) aim to lead in your field, we’re likely a perfect match. I’m excited to collaborate with people who are passionate about making a bigger splash.

Building you a bridge to diversified income streams & industry leadership

Let’s do it!

Let’s Unearth the hidden value in your IP

If you’re ready to step into a space where your experience is honoured, and your business big picture understood and nurtured beyond your expectations, then I’m here for it!

With my rich background in education, curriculum development, and a knack for engaging content creation I’ll bring practical ways to amplify your expertise and turn it into digital products and educational content that’ll have you standing out in the market place.

Let’s Get Started!

Ready to start working together? Get in touch with me today.