VIP Sessions

VIP Sessions

Where you’re in the hot seat and the spotlight’s on you!

Join me for a VIP Session, your focused block of dedicated time for brainstorming, planning and writing. I’m available on the Sunshine Coast for face-to-face collaboration or we can meet up on Skype or Zoom. Either way, this service will be designed to fit your needs and give you the chance for one-on-one time to hone your brand’s voice and messaging.

Side by side, you and I working together to plan your digital empire, sharpen your content, and set your business apart from the competition.

My very unique skill set at your disposal…

Working with me gives you access to years of experience in education, business, marketing and writing. All in one place, and 100% focused on helping you gain the competitive edge in your industry. 

The investment is just $1200 + GST and here’s what you get






VIP Days aren’t cheap, but they’re ideal if you’re looking to make real progress, fast. We tackle your biggest messaging and content challenges head-on, keeping our eyes on the prize to ensure every element created moves you towards your goals.

Limited spots are available, so book now and let’s get started on making your business more memorable and impactful.

VIP Session Options

Whopping 8hr Block

A full day together 8am – 5pm where we’ll seriously smash though truckloads of work. Ideas, mind maps, plans, outlines… so much can be done. (yes, we’ll stop for 2 half-hour refreshment breaks to catch our breath)

2 x 4hr Blocks

Beginning with 4 hours of knuckling down and getting stuff done, you’ll then head off to keep going. We then come back together for a second 4 hour block of time to keep pushing forward.

4hr & 2 x 2hr Blocks

Still adding up to the 8hrs of 1:1 time, this configuration slows the pace a little giving you the breathing space to reflect and implement between sessions. For most impact these should be within a month.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we decide what to focus on during the VIP Session?

Before your VIP Session, we’ll have a planning discussion to discuss your needs and set clear goals. You’ll also be given some homework to do and bring with you. Yep, that’s the teacher in me but it ensures our time together is as productive and focused as possible.

What’s the difference between an in-person and virtual VIP Session?

The only difference is the setting and you’ll need to bring your own coffee (sorry). In-person VIP Sessions are an option if you live on the Sunshine Coast but Skype and Zoom are convenient and flexible solutions, too. The quality and intensity of the work we’ll get done is high, no matter the format.

What do I need to prepare for my VIP Session??

You’ll receive homework and a checklist before the first session, which could include gathering any existing brand materials, outlining your goals, and identifying any specific challenges you’re facing. This prep helps maximise our time together.

What happens after?

After the session/s, you’ll be sent a summary of what we covered, including any session recordings,  strategies, copy, or plans we created.

You’ll also get recommendations for next steps and how to implement the plans we created.

Can I book more than one VIP Session?

Absolutely! While one VIP Session can make a significant impact, some clients choose to book additional days for ongoing projects or to tackle new challenges as their business evolves.

How do I book a VIP Day, and what are the payment terms?

You can email or call me to discuss booking a VIP Session as online booking is not yet ready. Payment is 50% deposit upfront and the balance is payble once sessions are done. All other details will be provided at the time of booking to ensure everything is clear and straightforward

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