One Page Product Mind Map


Launching a new product or service without a clear plan is like going orienteering without a compass – you’ll likely end up wandering around in circles (ask me how I know this!)

Don’t let your next big idea get lost in the bush! This One Page Product Mind Map is a lifeline for planning your way to success before investing time and money into developing something new.

This simple, but powerful framework, guides you through systematically mapping out the key elements that can make or break introducing a new product or service.

  • Drilling down on your value proposition and unique selling point – the foundation for everything else

  • Getting crystal clear on who your ideal customers are and what they really need

  • Planning the path to reach those customers through the right channels and messaging

  • Identifying the resources, costs, and revenue model to ensure profitability

  • Identifying the vital ongoing activities to maintain it all

No more guesswork. No more shooting from the hip. With the One Page Product Mind Map, you get a comprehensive bird’s eye view of the crucial factors to consider – all organised on a single page.

Grab your free copy of the One Page Product Mind Map today and get busy with a new idea the smart way – with foresight, structure, and a plan for profitability. Your future successful self will thank you!

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